What We Do

The Chapel Hill Chamber Music Workshop began its intensive week-long chamber music sessions in 1991, with a faculty of seven and twenty-three eager participants. The workshop now maintains a staff of five, plus four performing assistants and a faculty of eighteen. Each year the workshop hosts around 75 participants from across the United States, Europe, Israel, and Japan.

Since the first sessions in 1991, the workshop has continued its tradition of offering fully-coached sessions throughout the day to all participants. It is the aim of the workshop to make this experience truly unique and fulfilling for all lovers of chamber music performance.

At the end of the workshop, all participants are invited to perform in a series of concerts. Participants also enjoy attending faculty performances, master classes, and lectures throughout the workshop.


Participants are assigned to three ensembles that meet each day of the workshop with an assigned coach. Additional free-lancing is available to all participants. All musicians have the opportunity to perform in participant concerts held at the end of the workshop week.

All forms of chamber ensembles are encouraged, including string quartets, wind quintets and octets, piano ensembles from trios to sextets, two-piano ensembles, and larger mixed ensembles. Pre-formed ensembles are also welcome. All sessions are fully coached and prepared by a workshop faculty member.

The workshop is presented in conjunction with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Music.


“The music workshop was a most rewarding, exciting, and wonderful experience. Worth traveling thousands of miles to!” – Elieser Kaplinsky, Israel

“The faculty were without exception enthusiastic and helpful, in addition to being fine musicians. The coaching I received at their hands was perhaps the outstanding experience in my forty years of playing cello.” – Mark Titus, VA

“The workshop is intense, yet satisfying, and the needs of 50-plus players are meet in admirable ways and at all levels.” – Ellie Wilson, Charlottesville, VA

“An extraordinary musical learning experience unparalleled in my experience!” – David Morley Jr., Amherst, NH

“It was a terrific social and musical experience.” – Anne D. Rodig, Charlottesville, VA

“Thank you, thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity to make music.” – Ruth Grant, Chapel Hill, NC

“Recharge your batteries here.” – Karin Peeters, Bethesda, MD

“Chapel Hill Chamber Music Workshop is the best working vacation a musician can have.” – Jo Lombard, VA

“What a joy to see yourself and others produce something better than you thought possible.” – Phil Warren, Durham, NC