There are four fees related to the workshop: Registration, Facilities, Lodging, and Parking.


The registration fee for the 2024 workshop is $645.

Registration includes music instruction, concerts, practice rooms, music library privileges, and other facilities. Pianists will have access to one of the grand piano practice rooms.


Facilities Fee 

The UNC Music Department has instituted a facilities use fee which applies to external programs run through the department. The fee helps to support facilities maintenance, including but not limited to piano tuning, music stands, etc. The fee assessed for the 2024 workshop is $20 per participant.



Lodging fees for Granville Towers are not yet available for 2024.

Lodging fees per person usually run as follows:

single occupancy:


double occupancy:


These fees included lodging for six nights (Sunday night through Friday night), linens, and parking.

If you would like to stay additional nights, please contact our program coordinator about availability. Rates per person vary slightly year to year, but usually are around $50 per night single occupancy and $27 per night double occupancy.

Lodging fees are for staying and parking at Granville Towers, a private residence hall close to the workshop locations. Details are on our accommodations page. You may also find more information on Granville Towers’ web site.



Participants who stay at Granville Towers do not need to purchase a separate parking permit, since a Granville Towers lot permit is included in the lodging fee.

Those who do not stay at Granville Towers may still purchase a Granville parking permit to allow them to park close to the workshop. Parking is very limited on and around the UNC campus, so most participants will want to park in the Granville lot.

The commuter parking fee for 2024 is $35 for the week.

Please contact us separately for information about accessible parking for people with disabilities. We are happy to work with you and the UNC Department of Public Safety.